A Radically Empathetic Future

A FINANCIALLY sustainable and equitable organization


Over the last 5 years, Stomping Ground has given kids a chance to learn to make decisions by making them, connect across difference, and resolve conflict restoratively all wrapped up in a community of play, nature, and fun. We have an undeniably organization changing opportunity to purchase a property and serve more campers. You can make that opportunity a reality.


Impact & Growth

5 years, Over 1,000 Campers, 100s of Scholarships

Our Team

Compassionate, Driven, Innovative, Committed

Origin Story

100,000 Miles, a Honda Civic, and a Dream



A Philosophy at Camp & In Fundraising


We strive for partnership with our camper parents, our campers, and our staff. We trust them and ask for trust in return. We understand that each camper at camp has a family, a story, and their own motivations.

This is true of our campers and of our donors. We hope to partner with you to take on this challenge, to be honest, make mistakes, and celebrate victories together. You are what makes Stomping Ground Stomping Ground. Thank you.


 A Beautiful Property

That Needs A Lot of Love

The Camp

Just outside of Saratoga this unused camp property is yearning to be revived and filled with happy campers all summer. You can make this dream a reality. At Stomping Ground we are committed to giving kids a chance to connect with each other and nature. We don’t need fancy toys to have fun, build community, and make life long memories. Instead we connect around delicious food, beautiful nature, and rustic cabins. Your gift makes this possible.


Some Photos of the Future Stomping Ground

You can see the potential and the work to be done