Appeal Letter

To Whom it May Concern,

Stomping Ground is a not for profit sleepaway camp serving young people of all economic backgrounds from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and beyond. Stomping Ground is a sleepaway camp where kids have a chance to play, experience nature, and just be kids for a few weeks each summer. Stomping Ground is a sleepaway camp, but it is also so much more.

Think about your most impactful memories of childhood. Are they a linear path where you remember each day like a movie? No. Of course they aren’t. Our brains remember peak moments, transitions, and extreme situations. Those moments shape the way we see the world. Our lived experiences make us who we are. That is the power of going away to Stomping Ground. We are a sleepaway camp that gives kids a chance to learn to make decisions by making them, connect with people as different from themselves as possible, and let kids know they matter.

Young people join us at camp for a week at a time. They live fully immersed in a community where they have a chance to see what the world could be like and leave inspired to go out and create that world. We call this Radical Empathy, actively striving to understand all other people. Kids come to Stomping Ground and leave knowing they matter, more compassionate, and ready to stand up for what they believe in. You have a chance to make that possible.

2019 will be our fifth and largest summer. We have grown enormously since our first summer, serving 64 campers in 2015 to serving over 700 campers this summer. We have a camp that kids love and parents of all income levels want to send them too, but we need your help. Today we rent a property and are at capacity. We are turning families away.

Just fifteen minutes outside of Saratoga Springs, NY is a camp with 100 plus years of history. The site is currently unoccupied, with 60 acres of land, two spring fed lakes, a dining hall, and cabins with room for us to grow our capacity. The land is more beautiful and scenic than we could have possibly imagined, and has the structure to take Stomping Ground into the future, but it will require substantial renovations.

The property is available, families are clamoring for more Stomping Ground, the concept works. Now we need your help. You have the chance to give these kids and 1000s more a Stomping Ground. We are embarking on a capital campaign to give those kids the camp they deserve. We need your help to raise $2,000,000 and turn this dream into a reality.

You have a chance to give kids from Rochester, and all over, friendships, and experiences that will shape the way the think about community, decisions, and relationships for generations.

They say you are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with. For most of us that means a lot of folks that are mostly like us. By supporting this campaign you give kids a chance to change that. To play, laugh, and cry with people from different neighborhoods, communities, backgrounds, ethnicities, and so much more.

Brene Brown says “It’s hard to hate people up close, move in.”

Let’s not wait for politicians or pundits to solve our problems. Let’s invest in our young people. Let’s Give them a chance to “move in” and breakdown the barriers that divide us.

We would love to talk more. I hope you will consider supporting our campaign.

With Love,

Jack Schott
Camp Stomping Ground Director
EIN: 81-4475489