Our Team

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

- Buckminster Fuller

Stomping Ground is lead by a team of four purpose driven proud millennials challenging the status quo and reimaging what is possible through summer camp. In 2015 many people thought it was impossible for Jack and Laura to start a camp, have a trust based payment system, or empower campers to choose how to spend their time at camp. Five years later Stomping Ground is a leader in the camp industry and Laura and Jack are sought after speakers and trainers for camps across the country.

The Stomping Ground Team


Laura Kriegel


Laura Kriegel

Laura is the heart and soul of Stomping Ground’s year-round team. She is the architect of our Circle System, driver behind our creativity, and is constantly pushing us to think about inclusion and equity in everything we do.

In a never ending quest to understand young people, creativity, and equity, Laura first pursued her BA from SUNY Purchase graduating with a degree in fine arts. Then spent 2 years traveling the country studying summer camps and youth organizations with Jack. They visited over 200 camps and 47 states, taking the best ideas in youth development, before starting Stomping Ground. She is currently finishing her masters in Social Work from Columbia University in New York.


Jack Schott


Jack Schott copy.JPG

An engineer by training, Jack can’t help but breakdown problems. Where Laura pushes Stomping Ground to think bigger, try new things, and redefine what is possible, Jack analyzes the puzzle and outlines the plan.

As a co founder and facilitator of the Summer Camp Society, Jack leads a community of camp professionals around the country in the goal of improving and inspiring summer camp and taking the industry to new, inclusive and accessible places.

Jack is an innovator who is happy to throw away the rule book and experiment in order to find new way to accomplish goals. A long time Expert of Play, Jack’s skills and values set the scene for Stomping Ground’s Outrageous Activities and Night Games, reminding us that while not everything is possible, anything is possible.


Allison Klee

Camp Director


Passionate about making an impact Allison Klee graduated in three years from SUNY New Paltz with a degree in Human Services. She had worked at Stomping Ground for three summers and fallen in love with the community, mission, and most of all each camper she had a chance to play with or help work through a difficult situation.

Not satisfied with the way things had always been done, she is driving Stomping Grounds storytelling, parent communication, and staff recruitment to the next level. She helps other camps onboard their staff, is an avid volunteer in the community, and never willing to settle for good enough. Selflessly, Klee makes so much more possible for Stomping Ground both in off season recruiting and with kids and staff each summer.


Ray Mahar

Director of Community Engagement

Ray Mahar

Ray is a self-starter, people person, who can’t help but make you smile. A graduate of the University of Dayton and lead singer/songwriter for A Girl Named Genny Ray excels on a microphone, listening for understanding, and chatting over coffee. Before joining Stomping Ground he worked with the Curbside Market at Foodlink, spent time on the radio in Nashville, and continues to volunteer with other local not-profits.

Ray believes in community and connection. He started our Be Kind Festival and Be Kind Tuesdays to connect organizations that are building a kinder Rochester. Join us the first Tuesday of every month at Three Heads Brewing to see him in action.